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Facial & Fingerprint technology for Identity verification and Payments.

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The bedrock of any true inclusion program is the true identity of its beneficiaries. Our solution allows for everyone to be uniquely identified, counted and included in social, financial and governance programs/ initiatives at all level.


Cyber Security

We protect users against fraud, identity theft and misrepresentation. Our biometric offerings are helping individuals, businesses and government safeguard true identities in today’s digital world.

Cyber Security

Digital Identity

The basic need for any flourishing economy is the unique identity of her citizens. eGator provides unique biometric identity based on facial and fingerprint landmark features. This would serve as the foundation to financial, economic and governance infrastructure, anywhere in the world.



financial service

Financial Services

law enforcement

Law Enforcement

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financial service


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financial service


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Stop Identity Theft & Duplicate Identity

Our biometric technology helps you fight and mitigate against fraud.

financial loss

Prevent financial loss

Reduce financial losses due to fraud and, consequently, decrease capital consumption due to operational risk.

financial loss

Avoid regulatory sanctions

Avoids the risk of sanctions in terms of Money Laundering Prevention and from data protection agencies for not taking measures to prevent identity theft.

financial loss

Keep bad actors away

Discourages criminals with dubious intentions from using your services. By using biometrics, you can ensure that only the right people are accessing your services.

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